Cost Management Consultancy Services

"Est modus in rebus"... means that there is measure in all things
We, at LADS Consultants, conform to the best practices within the industry. Complying with strict principals, ethical standards and rules of conducts established by the RICS, we deliver to client expectations.

Order of cost estimating and cost planning for capital building works

At LADS Consultants, we provide cost estimates and cost plans for your project. We include in our estimates and plans construction costs estimates, but also preliminaries, overheads and profit, project team and design team fees, risk allowances, inflation, and other development and project costs.

Detailed measurement for building works

At LADS Consultants, we provide detailed measurement and description of building works (bills of quantities or schedules of quantities) for the purpose of obtaining a tender price.

Procurement Management

At LADS Consultants, we offer procurement management services to clients. Services includes the preparation, management and analysis of tender documentation, including contract documents, compilation of technical documents, scope of works and so on.

Commercial Management

At LADS Consultants, we offer commercial management services to clients from the start to completion of projects. Services includes management of accounts, payment applications, certifications, risk management and so on.