Building Information Management (BIM) Consultancy Services

"Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a very broad term that describes the process of creating and managing digital information about a built asset."

At LADS Consultants, we work with clients and suppliers to help developing protocols, procedures and standards, for their organisation or right at the start of a project to ensure the quality and availability of information produced, exchanged, used and stored. Below are examples of services offered, depending on the needs and relevance to a project or organisation.

Employer Information Requirements


The employer's information requirements (EIR) document defines the information that will be required by the client from both their own internal team and from suppliers for the development of the project and for the operation of the completed built asset.
At LADS Consultants, we develop with clients the EIR. Relevant extracts from the EIR are included in procurement documents for the appointment of each supplier, appointed directly by the client, which may include; advisors, consultants, contractors and so on.

BIM Execution Plan


The creation of a BIM Execution Plan helps managing delivery of the project, by setting agreed standards, protocols, processes, naming conventions and the like to use by all parties:
At LADS Consultants, we help the preparation of pre-contract BEP by prospective suppliers, setting out the proposed approach, capability, capacity and competence to meet the Employer's Information Requirements (EIR).
Once the contract has been awarded, we, at LADS Consultants help to further develop the BIM Execution Plan confirming the supply chain's capabilities and to provide a Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP).
The MIDP is the primary plan setting out when project information is to be prepared, by whom, using what protocols and procedures, it is based on a series of individual Task Information Delivery Plans setting out responsibility for specific information tasks.

Organisational Information Requirements


Organisational Information Requirements (OIR) document describes the information required by an organisation for asset management systems and other organisational functions.
At LADS Consultants, we support companies in developing their organisational-level information requirements rather than asset-level or project-level information requirements.

Asset Information Requirements


The information required for an Asset Information Model (AIM) is defined in the Asset Information Requirements (AIR). This should be developed from Organisational Information Requirements (OIR).
At LADS Consultants, we help and support the development of the AIR on behalf of the client, in collaboration with advisors, consultants, contractors, suppliers and so on.