Architectural Design & Design Management Consultancy Services

Design Services

Following Mauritian Design Guidance and Standards, and the Royal Institute of British Architects standards, at LADS Consultants, we offer to clients the best of design services, based on clients requirements and needs.

Strategic Definition

At LADS Consultants, we support clients in developing the project strategic definition document, which strategically appraises and defines the project before a detailed design brief is created, for example in the context of sustainability, a refurbishment and/or extension may be more appropriate than a new build.

Preparation and Briefing

At LADS Consultants, we develop with clients the initial project brief and any related feasibility studies to help enable the development of the concept design.
Associated services can also involves the ‘preparation tasks’ such as assembling the project team and defining each party’s roles and responsibilities.

Concept Design

The initial concept design is produced by LADS Consultants in line with the design brief established. This is likely to be the first time were sketches are produced and collaboration between stakeholders are the most exciting.
We encourage at this stage to invite first in hand project stakeholders to the discussion table, to bring all ideas and solutions for analysis. (e.g. client, engineers, project managers, facility managers, cost managers, etc.)

Spatial Coordination

The concept design is further developed by LADS Consultants to meet the clients requirements in terms of livability and how they propose to use the new spaces. Once completed, the planning drawings and documents (if required) will be drafted and submitted to the local authority for approval.
Once approved, the building services and structural engineers design will begin development collaboratively and enable a closer cost and project budget analysis. It is advised at this time to work on a stable collaboration platform, with efficient communication tools in place.

Technical Design

At LADS Consultants, we collaborate with structural and building services consultants during the further refinement allowing for any specialist sub-contractor design to be carried out, such as sustainable energies.
We consult with the local building regulations officers and syndicates and prepare the detailed design package showing how roof, wall, floor and opening junctions meet along with the specification.

Manufacturing and Construction

During this stage the building is constructed in line with the drawings and information produced. At LADS Consultants, we offer quality control supervision services, helping to ensure a smooth construction process.


The successful handover of the newly completed building is very important to us at LADS Consultants, and involves the inspection of the completed works and any defects to be rectified before the production of certification required by the chosen build contract.
We ensure that all information necessary for the easy management of the new building | asset is handed over to the client.


At LADS Consultants, we believe in long term relationship and trust. This is why we remain available in case an existing client wish to extend or refurbish their asset.

Design Management Services

Project Information Model (PIM)

A project information model is developed progressively, first as a design intent model then a virtual construction model. It describes the Project Information Model (PIM) as the '…information model developed during the design and construction phase of a project.' The requirements for the Project Information Model are set out in Employer's Information Requirements (EIR) and at Level 2, it is likely to consist of a federated building information model, non graphical data and associated documentation.
At LADS Consultants, we build and maintain models during all stages of design mentioned above, creating an efficient way of collaborating and designing.

Asset Information Model (AIM)

An Asset Information Model (AIM) is a model that compiles the data and information necessary to support asset management, that is, it provides all the data and information related to, or required for the operation of an asset.An AIM can provide graphical and non-graphical data and information as well as documents and metadata. It can relate to a single asset or to a portfolio of assets. An AIM can be created from existing asset information systems, from new information, or from information in a Project Information Model (PIM) that was created for the construction of a new asset.
At LADS Consultants, we build and maintain models during all stages of design mentioned above, creating an efficient way of collaborating and designing.